The elements of grace

Located in Bilaspur, this 7900 sq.ft. Villa is panache of elegance and luxury

Interior Designer Rishi Raj Khare has celebrated the graciousness of this 7900 sq. ft. villa with elements undefined and extra ordinary style statement without trailing its essence. Located in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, the home takes through a sneak peak of traditions splendid with modernism.

Interior Designer Rishi Raj Khare of Inspired Design & Associates, dreams of making every space a better one to live by his innovative and contemporary designs, known for his out of the box thinking, Khare has conceptualized the villa infused with a few antique and traditional style layered with novelty.

The villa wraps itself with an epitome of luxury to suit the persona and taste of the residers. With a confined budget, the designer has lived up to the expectations. “The client’s satisfaction was of utmost importance without compromising on the budget, thus making the space look luxurious and elegant.” Said Mr. Rishi Raj Khare, Principal Designer, Inspired Designs.

The major challenge was the architecture was a set layer. “Yes, it was, as we were appointed for interior projects the architectural structure was already there when we entered the project, we had to create the space that could match the client requirement and function ability as we have to create our own layout keeping in mind the basic structure with minimum changes,” said the designer.


"The luxurious double heighted area offers a grand feel which gives a feeling of immensity and massive structure have been accentuated with a contemporary chandelier"



The theme of the house is based on contemporary style, but with some elements from modern concept also so as to keep the desired perspective new. In a nutshell, it’s a fusion with a subtle colour scheme.


The two storey villa consists of three major spaces, the entrance followed by a lobby, the middle space including the recreational space and the last part comprising of bedrooms. An overhead ceiling panel is affixed while the staircase leads you to the level above. “The luxurious double heighted area offers a grand feel which gives a feeling of immensity and massive structure has been accentuated with a contemporary chandelier. Furthermore, extended to as raised living area which has customized sofa with a designer hexagonal tables and a RUG integrates to the theme. Indirect light fitting, (LED) have been utilized for the living room.” Adds the designer.

The prayer room on the ground level depicts the traditional value of the family carved with purity. The first floor includes drawing room, living area, kitchen, a double heighted area with parents’ bedroom and master bedroom. The second floor is designed to have a sit out space, daughter and son’s room with gymnasium.



The dinning is designed in highly antique style with a rectangular table in inox marble into archive geometric contrast. It is furthermore extended towards an indoor garden with raised platform area with a clear glass allowing pouring in ample light and protection from harsh sunrays. The entire bedrooms have individual identities as per their respective users following the core concept of the villa. “The master bedroom has been designed for the couple to have privacy with a white and wooden combination. The headboard is design in checkered pattern with a play of light and shadow. The single operated windows are designed to reduce the heat from the east, west side and to have morning sunlight. The master bedroom opens out to spacious sit out with an indoor garden area where one can relax and enjoy the view,” commented Rishi. There is a cozy sitting in the extended area. The flooring is done with Italian marble finished. It gives a classical touch to suit the age of the users. A mature touch has been embedded in the children’s bedroom creating a perception. The shower room has been designed to give the user lavishness for the marble has been used to give the user high end finesse.

The project is an epitome of unmatched urban lifestyle with combination of local commune and lavish existence offered by its contemporary amenities and state of art.

Project Details

  • Type of Project:- Residential ( Interiors )
  • Project name:- Residential Villa
  • Designer name:- Rishi Raj Khare
  • Firms’ Name:- Inspire Design & Associates
  • Area:- 7900 sqft
  • Location:- Bilaspur, Chattisgarh
  • Text Courtesy:- Harsha Masand


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