Capturing Emotions through the lens

Vajranabh Natraaj Maharshi, a filmmaker, a photographer teaches us the art of photography through his experience

A photograph is about capturing the right ideas. Vajranabh Natraaj Maharshi is one such photographer who has a bouquet of creativity. From being a visual artist to an architectural photographer his click flick of candid images is an experience stretched beyond boundaries. Capturing moments through his lens, he mentions, “One does need to work with different lenses to bring out new perspectives and compositions through different lenses. As they all hold their own unique abilities, you just cannot work with one.”

Vajranabh Natraaj Maharshi is a truly multi-talented individual with creativity running in his bloodstream since a very young age. Coming from a cinematic endurance, his love for art is a divine inspiration. An ardent torchbearer to art and culture, he contributes his creative skills in making visual content. Vajranabh Natraaj Maharshi is an international award-winning artistic filmmaker and lensman. His latest achievement is the nationwide recognized NTR National Award in 2018 for the best photographer. His favourite genre is to create artistic concepts.

His recent collection of Fourth Eye has a lot to speak from the perspective of depth and coveted emotions. “The Fourth Eye depicts the life of emotions. It’s beyond the third dimension of life so rare only to be experienced from the perspective of the very emotion. Which needs breaking through the contained walls of material utopia. It signifies creation, as we depict the Third eye as the Shiva's eye to destruction, but to see the world through the lens leads towards creation, which I consider as the Fourth eye,” says the artist.

He re-invents an approach to fashion, beauty, candid and cinematic photography catering to a versatile market. However, for every photographer, settings depend on the content, the ambiance, and lighting of the particular space. The major highlight is the lighting. “Lighting is like a soul of the photograph. It could be natural or artificial setup. But that is what literally holds the vessel together; the picture only speaks the language the light displays through each of them.”


Photography holds many categories. The toughest being architectural. Architectural photography is a combination of creativity and calmness as the stand still structures might always be appealing to the eyes. However, it lays the responsibility of the photographer to bring out the indebtedness of its beauty. According to me, there is not much difference between the two. It's a matter of creativity to project the subjects. Within human subjects, we try to seek emotions or expressions, but from architectural figures or immovable objects, we create an expression from them. Constraints create opportunities for someone like me, that is when I am able to experiment and explore further in a given environment. One such project is Qutub Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad. Talking about a project close to him, he says “While capturing Qutub Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad, I had a revelation about life and death closely. As these tombs signified the end destination of this life. And having shot them in morning view, it was a magical moment for me to experience. This is one of my memorable incidents till date.”

There lies a lot of difference between original picture and a finished images. “On a personal note, I do prefer original pictures over colour corrected ones because they define the rawness and truth of the subject. But with the competitive race of marketing in media has set unreal standards of which most are expected to work with correction processing.”

Text Courtesy - Harsha Masand


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