Efflugent with luxury

Trippy and nonchalant, the Velvet Room restaurant and bar, is a far cry from the regular ones which is making hot waves in Delhi

The Velvet Room is a concept based on the Southeast Asian food and night life. The entire theme has been adopted from the Chinese New Year, controls the vibe of the club. From covering the sealing to wrapping the furniture in red velvet the amalgamation of black chandeliers and gold trims everywhere, it was conceptualised to bring out the vibrant theme the most. Taking a cue from old school Asian decor and building upon its splendor, the Velvet Room gets its classic look. The colours of red, black and gold dominate the setting to make one feel at the epitome of self-indulgence. A modern take on the ambience gives the restaurant its young appeal and sets it apart from the others. A fusion of authentic styles of cooking with a 21st­ century lounging experience gives the place its peculiarity and adds to its one-o f-a-kind -ness! Decked up with a fully loaded bar, the setting has been kept relaxed and casual. The red velvet panel running along the side of the bar is pretty dramatic and makes it appear lavish and bold. The DJ console overlooking the dance floor below feels ready to create a trance.

The beautiful use of velvet covered sofa lounges and wooden pieces for the interiors with subtle earthen hues give the place a solid standing and a warm spirit. Designed with the aim of making the visitors feel like they’re not missing on even a single moment of gala time with their friends and family.

Set out on two f1oors, seating has been done in two parts. On the ground floor the informal seating style has been llined   along the edge of the hall which doubles up as a dance floor or just a casual place to stand and chat. The arrangement on the first f1oor is calm and comfortable, the kind which helps break the ice and start a conversation.


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