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French Interior Designer and architecture firm Ultraconfidentiel creates a high-class fashion imaging studio destination, BLINK, for Amazon at Gurgaon


Amazon, the American electronic commerce giant, has opened its very first exclusive fashion imaging studio on the Indian shores in Vipul Agora, Gurgaon. Called BLINK, the studio is globally the third of its kind after New York and London and was launched with an aim to enhance the Amazon onIine shopping experience  for the customers.

Sprawling across a lavish 44000 Sq. Ft, the studio has 14 On-body Bays along with 4000 Sq.ft. Office Area, 33000 Sq.ft. of Logistic Area, 2,700 Sq.Ft of Editorial Suite, 50 pax Cafeteria and 2,600 Sq. Ft of Event Area.

Designed by Valentin Blanchard, Design Head, from UltraconfidentieI, the studio has been purposed around the idea to boost creativity and interactions between all generations of fashion designers.

BLINK studio’s energy is a fully enhanced thought with open spaces and collaborative areas. The subtle blend of modern designs and revisited Indian traditions inhabits this studio and gives it a unique setting.

Beautifully capturing the  essence of India and the immaculate flavours of fashion, Ultraconfidentiel’s Design team has tried to narrate a story all along the place with sophisticated detailing and planning.

Design Head, Valentin, says, “The design expectations were set high. It was a challenging project given by its nature and also the fact that it was our first assignment for a Fashion Studio. A lot of technical aspects were involved which made the project more enticing:’ Revealing the essential details of the thought and concept behind the design, the team maintains, For this studio, one of the requirements was to bring some Indian touches throughout the space in order to create its identity. For instance, to focus on phone booths to show the cultural diversity of India through fabrics specific to different regions.

Elaborating the rich and diverse historical journey of India, the modern version of traditional Mughal Jaalis, specially created and customized for this project, accentuate the entire studio at various places. The jaalis line the entire length of the studio boundary, while highlighting the individual sitting area in the cafeteria and the wide glass walls running across the conference rooms. Faded – red colour micro-concrete flooring reminds of the familiar sandstone used in architecture throughout the Indian sub-continent.

The sprawling premises unfold itself for a large gathering and corporate meets. Its rustic and industrial look with subtle glimpses of Indian fashion, textile and ret ail elements complete the individuality of fashion and creates its own unique style. With 1,000,0O0 pictures clicked in a year and 2,740 pictures a day, the studio is a wonderfully remarkable world class fashion imaging project.


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