Let’s paint thy walls!

Ruchi Shah, a wall artist sketches CropIns’ backdrop with vegetation and technology with impactful pictorials

Office spaces have been pronounced to be our second home. With most of our time spent in offices, we look for a comfortable, and more so, a motivational environment.

CropIn, a firm based on agri-tech recently, designed their new office. The kind of quirkiness impelled into the environment and the positive atmosphere was quite convincing. Who knew that painting a wall could be so refreshing! The flora and fauna, the vegetation is all spot on the walls of this office. CropIn Technology is a B2B Agri-tech firm that is creating an ingenious union of Agriculture, Technology and Data Science - bringing in fresh perspectives and making a difference to the otherwise conventional space. The way the world grows food, the wall art includes aspects such as the impact of digital penetration in agriculture, how technology is helping farmers at the ground level, our achievements and how we would want the employees to love and connect with the ground-level impact that they are creating through their work.

Ruchi Shah, with her expertise has given a decorative format. The artist painted the walls of this office space with motivational saying and elaborative pictorials. The walls were conceptualized separately as a ‘Wall Art Project’. While the office space is slightly informal with benches, swings and grass, some of the niches and pillars have framed posters of how each product works. But over the last few months there was a need to energize the space while creating a space that appeals to a more passionate, purposeful crew.

“As a growing organization the focus is on connectedness. How people connect with the work they do and the roles they play. This is instrumental in ensuring that employees continue to love their work and their workplace. It's about living in the present and taking each day as it comes. Being a part of a larger journey one step at a time. And making the workplace more positive by loving what you do each day.” Said Ruchi Shah, Wall Artist.


Colour palette:-

The colour palette on one floor is limited to four colours, more muted shades were selected as the walls are in direct view of the office. The walls on the other floor are more about recreating an organic theme like soil and plants where a few colours, with multiple shades preferred. The brand colours were considered for the elegant look of the products. Introduction of organic and fresh colours are blended with whites, off-whites and grays. Speaking on the same, Ruchi Shah commented, “It helped to define a different palette and tone for the art works. In relevance to the area of agri-tech, keywords like artificial intelligence, farmer satellite, agricultural crops, soil, smart farming become cues for deciding colours and the type of graphics that would shape the artwork. Understanding how every product of CropIn works was vital in shaping each wall art design.”

“A visual representation of farm-to-fork traceability, it takes you through the journey of any given produce right from when it was a seed to when it reaches its final destination. Aptly titled ‘The Root Trace’, it captures the relevance of why CropIn came to exist in the first place. Farm to Fork traceability is at the center of their technology and how it can impact the production process.”



The walls are a mix of concrete and gypsum partitions. The pillars are definitely concrete as they are structural. The wall art is seamless in certain areas enveloping the pillars while moving from one end of the office to another. The space had to reflect that spirit and has done so with small open spaces, informal and formal working areas, flexible work timings and simple yet smart interiors. The walls had to resonate the same and stretch the idea further by bringing stories into the workspace through wall art.

“Partially, a projector was used to ensure that the artworks were correctly proportioned and positioned right. But most of it was hand-drawn with pencils or directly with wall markers. Paint markers, brushes, rollers, quick drying glue, and hardware like drilling machines, nails and screws etc. were used as tools for creating this wall art. Some machine cut elements with hand painted graphics were combined to create a unique story on each wall,” said the artist. The office had existing grassy spaces bringing the outdoors in. The terracotta coloured wall and coffee-farming wall was more organic in nature with an asymmetrical but balanced artwork flowing across different places on the wall and surging and stemming at different points.


Pattern & Design:-

One of the designs was highlighting the impact metrics i.e. company statistics on a wall. Hence, the best way to represent it was keeping clean shaped backgrounds on which the statistical data could stand out. The data on this particular wall is updatable. The other wall which uses many shapes is the one which traces the entire journey of a crop through CropIn’s product suite. Tribal figures representing farming communities along with sketches of satellites, computers and phones find a space on these walls conveying how nature meets man-made objects. The terracotta wall symbolising soil makes the space more interactive, inspirational - where the work done and efforts get validated.

The Impact wall represents all the current data and achievements, while the adjoining wall depicts the entire journey of the product right from where the crop is grown to where it is sold and how it reaches there. Another wall depicts soil the most essential factor in farming, the same wall doubles up as a feature wall where awards and features can be updated. “A visual representation of farm to fork traceability, it takes you through the journey of any given produce right from when it was a seed to when it reaches its final destination. Aptly titled ‘The Root Trace’, it captures the relevance of why CropIn came to exist in the first place. Farm to fork traceability is at the center of their technology and how it can impact the production process,” said Ruchi.

The last wall in the employee bay represents coffee farming - one of the crops that are supported the most via CropIn products. All these nuggets of information and stories would go unsaid without doing research, seeing the products and speaking to different employees who had different things to share.


Project Details

  • Project Name:- The Offbeat Fusion of Art with Agriculture and Technology
  • Type of project:- 3D Office Wall Makeover
  • Artists Name:- Ruchi Shah
  • Firms’ Name:- Kreative Rush
  • Area of the space:- 800 sqft (Walls built up area)
  • Location:- CropIn's Headquarters in Bangalore
  • Text Courtesy:- Harsha Masand


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