A soul that consoles

Designed by Principal Architect Santosh Thole, THE BAZAZ HOUSE is a picture of grand persona with great horizontal depth



Ushering one into a horizontally taller space perception rather than being a vertical extension, the depth signifies abundance overriding the height as a vision. The colossal 8500 sq. ft. property is located in the historical city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The elegant architecture offers a richness of grace and minimalism in its aura. The general shapes and forms were used keeping in mind the location. The main architect, Santosh Thole, says, “The question of modernism was a matter for the client’s conscience who wanted the grandeur of luxury with minimalistic appeal:’ The exterior casts a charming aura of a contemporary residence with its horizontal depth spreading long spans. The giant elephantine column at the right edge represents a secured warmth for the visitor with the most emphatic feature being the crystallite MS   pipes. Linear planning was opted for the left side, the North east, and the front facade occupying the major green zones balancing both the elements of direction and vast u which walk hand in hand. The landscape area is free from harsh sunlight and makes it a good party space and a perfect play area. An abode for the three generations of the family, the architect designed the spaces according to the general usability. The ground floor houses the drawing room, family sitting area, dining, kitchen, bedroom and guest bedroom.

As the sun melts into the evening hours, the crystal like round MS bars twinkle into the darkness forming a merging spot for the day and night bidding warm goodbyes to one another. A picture of calmness and serenity, the positive vibes of this abode resonate with peace. Discussing the peculiarity of the designs he chooses, Ar.Santosh  Thole says, “A door handle is   the handshake of the house” giving you an intuition of positivity, graciousness and excitement to know what’s inside. The entrance porch with the uplifted console greets the visitor along with a wide vision towards the interior as if transitioning into the good times. As you enter inside, up straight is the family sitting facing the adjoining wall of the staircase with tiny translucent squares running along the base of the stair s light up with a white glow.

To the left is a remarkable installation depicting the close bond of a family with an apt expression of st aying together in both good and bad times. Towards the right is a window in toughened glass giving a clear view of the outdoor s inviting the greenscape.

The family sitting has been kept subtle with a double height area studded with a ‘birds in flight’ installation, in MS material. The wall adjacent to the family sitting has a partitioned panel with the TV on it. Ar. Santosh shares, “as a designer and architect, I wanted something unique and something personal to us- minimalistic yet at the same time luxurious:· Positioned at the back of the drawing room, the staircase takes you to the first floor which opens up to the lounge with the partially covered terrace. Attached to the terrace are the master bedroom, children’s room, an additional guest bedroom and a study area.

The rhythm of simplicity and elegance has been followed rigorously in the bedrooms. The parent s’ bedroom has an exclusive white duco backdrop with square niches having miniature pictures depicting the serenity of peace and calm. The plain horizontal rafters hanging to the adjacent wall create a visual barrier for the dressing area. A sleeping Buddha mural emphasizes the courtyard welcoming you to a peaceful retreat.

Defining the layout, Santosh maintains, “We used the spaces involving the courtyards of the outdoors as well as indoors by connecting them to the private zones travelling through the light and shadows added with the transparency of the lift glass widening your perspective to the over-all zoning:’



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