A Pleasant Transformation

Bonba Studios transform an office space in Barcelona, Spain – into a stylish abode which epitomises reflection, relaxation and privacy.

The cycle of life and death many believe is a foreplay of existence in which the soul keeps assuming new avataars. In the Gita – a sacred Hindu text, it has been cited that the soul never dies, it just makes its services available again, in a new body, in a new form. Many in west may liken it to a transcedental experience akin to a restoration. A restoration in which a single unit of human civility is restored back to life in a different order but rooted to existence as it was earlier.

Likewise in architecture the space never dies, the spatial dimensions change. The space assumes a new form and new role but remains rooted to the architectural syntax. Casp 21 designed by Bonba Studio in Spain is a living testimony to this argument. The house located in L’Eixample, a building located in the Casp street in Barcelona assumed different avatars post its genesis.

Built in the 19th century L’Eixample was primarily a residential space, in the 80’s changes were incorporated in the entire building to turn it into a office space, back in the present timeline the idea was to redesign it back into a residential space. The re-evolution of the residential avataar was handed over to Bonba Studios.

When Bonba stepped in to the commercial paradise, the interiors were not exactly in sync with the space. The designers felt that a revamp was neccessary to ensure the charm and the aura of the space stands out. Floors, ceilings, screens and finishes every element that existed in the former office space was completely changed. For political buffs it was akin to De-Stalinization in the U.S.S.R.

The project is based in what can be cited as a heritage structure, hence the structural interventions had to be carried out after a thorough analysis. This was also neccesiated by the fact that the designers wanted a space which was totally open. The living room occupies a bulk of this open space whereas the bedroom and the dining room consume the two large spaces created at the opposite ends.

In the rechristened version bonding all the segregated elements together – is the corridor. Its akin to a channel of communication which converses with the entire space including the master bedroom, the living room, guest bedroom, bathroom and a dedicated laundry zone. The layout has been designed to capitalise on ambient lighting, which includes the use of tall windows in the lounge space. Aiding this concept is the colour palate dominated by hues of white. As far as arifical lighting is concerned, fixed lights and hanging lights add their signature charm to this space.

Tiles and glass also accentuate the glory of design. Teracotta tiles in the bathroom, wetspace and the kitchen space act as vibrant spots in the restrained but timeless ideologue. Marble is another conventional material which has a say in the kitchen and wetspace. In the kitchen it assumes the shape of a dinning table whichh was custom designed by Bonba, three minimalistic chairs sourced from Ondarreta keep company. Glass sliders enclose the wetspace – set in an aclove inside the corridor.

The branded accessories chosen to deck up the interiors were sourced from House Doctor, Ondarreta, Milky Beumala, USM, Lampe Gras Lighting and Bathco Washbasin. Rest were custom designed by BONBA. The accesories were carefully chosen to ensure they sync well with the timeless colour palette.

The structure as previously meintioned was built in the 19th century, it had the credentials of a royal lineage when the designers approached it. The redesigned space by BONBA not only accentuates this royalty, but also ensures that the space epitomises reflection, relaxation and privacy.

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